Strategy planning & Development Center

Strategic Planning and Development Center (SPDC)

Welcome to the Strategic Planning and Development Center. The Center is part of the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Development (DQAD) and is responsible for the formulation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the institutional Strategic plan of Prince Sultan University.
It collaborates with all academic & administrative leaders to support PSU’s core mission and assist in building performance measurement and management capabilities.
The office engages with the PSU community to advance the culture of strategic planning and continuous improvement.

PricewaterhouseCoopers strategic planning review completed and reported to the Board of Trustees in January 2019. Every stakeholder group was represented in the review, including board members, PSU leadership team, employers, alumni, faculty, students and staff.

Multiple projects stemming from the PwC strategic planning review successfully delivered with the cooperation of the centers within the Deanship of Quality Assurance and Development, including:

• Strategy map.
• Balanced Scorecard.
• Short version of Strategic Plan 3.
• Strategic Planning Dashboard – (nearing completion)

The short version of SP3 was distributed at the International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education (IECHE). SPDC and PRMC personally visited booths to hand over copies and raise awareness of the excellence and ambition of Prince Sultan University.


A university which is driven by adistinctive strategic plan that enables it to seize opportunities, enhance its uniqueness, build capability and benefit the community.


To advise & empower the university community on strategic planning, enhance implementation capabilities & monitor performance to ensure competitiveness and excellence in shaping the future aspirations of Prince Sultan University.

strategic planning
institutional priorities


To be successful our values are based on the Islamic principles of benefiting the university & the community by commitment to:

• Promoting inclusiveness.
• Collaborative work.
• Enhanced accountability.
• Continuous improvement.
• Innovative approaches.


Goal 1:

Deliver an Effective & Efficient Strategic plan.

• Project endorsement, announcement & official launch.
• Conduct assessment & current strategy evaluation.
• Design institutional strategy goals, objectives & metrics.
• Design unit/College level strategy goals, objectives & metrics.
• Validate & deliver strategic plan

Goal 2:

Strategy Alignment & Execution.

• Establish standardized processes for planning and implementation.
• Ensure all unit plans are linked to the institutional strategic plan.
• Install accountability & efficient reporting to drive strategy.
• Conduct periodic strategy review

Goal 3:

Enhance Capability of University community.

• Establish a culture of project management & performance management.
• Manage communication & awareness campaigns for strategy plan.
• Ensure proper understanding of standardized processes of planning and implementation.
• Conduct training and workshops for capability building in planning and implementation