"Enabling students, families, and business community to
improve their lives through a distinctive educational and training
programs, projects, and social activities"


The Community Services & Continuing Education Center at Prince Sultan University enables students, families, and business community to improve their lives through a distinctive educational and training programs, projects, social activities focusing on and creating real benefits to fulfill people needs and wants.
We have the mission of building on the strength of our students, family and business community, to enable them to shape their futures through practical based educational and/or training programs and projects. Recognizing that knowledge is power by which PSU serves people through its capacity as well as through cooperating with distinctive external resources.
Our students have the opportunity to be involved in designing, implementing and evaluating needs-driven programs and projects based on our creative and dynamic center which stimulates positive change leading to more productive students, families, and business community.

Community Services & Continuing Education Center


Our Vision Is Committed To Enhance And Expand Educational Opportunities, Developing Intellectual And Creative Potential And Preparing Leaders For The Changing Market.


Our Mission Is To Enhance The Aspect Of Education, Grow University Relations Within The Larger Community And Strengthen The Center By Promoting Leaderships, Personal Growth, And Professional Development. We Positively Contribute To The Community, Economy, And Organization By Facilitating Access To New Opportunities Of Education And Training To Community Members In Order To Fulfill Key Competences Necessary To Live In A Competitive Knowledge-Based Society.

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Our main objective is to strengthen the relationship between the university and the community by contributing in expanding religious, social, cultural and academic awareness, as well as complying with the needs of the community concerning training and rehabilitation programs, different educational seminars, that are harmonious with technological advancements, human capabilities and the modern communication systems.

They can be categorized into the following:

  • Establish professional development as an academic priority for all PSU faculty, administration, and community.
  • Affiliate and be recognized as a valuable resource to the external communities.
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with the corporate sector and other associations to facilitate learning opportunities at PSU.
  • Enhance educational, cultural, and entertainment opportunities on campus.
  • Initiate and implement staff recognition program “Hallmark of Success”.
  • Increase participation of all PSU members in the events of the college.