Master in Commercial Law (MCL) [LLM IN LAW]

About The College

PSU Law College has been a pioneer in developing and delivering world- class legal education. We were the first to start a private law college for girls. Over the passage of time, our graduates have gone to complete their masters in some of the leading universities of the world including Duke, Stanford, Columbia and Harvard universities. Our graduates who joined the industry have reached the highest positions available. Our graduates went on to become legal advisors, heads of legal department of both government and private sectors. Not only that, but it is acknowledged that PSU law graduates are sought-after because of their solid academic grounding. Continuing the tradition of academic distinction, PSU offers a post-graduate degree in Law. The Master Program of Commercial Law is offered via two streams: Coursework/Research project and Coursework/ Thesis and both streams aim to provide graduates with advanced knowledge of laws in commercial spheres. The program has been designed to equip graduates with research, professional and communication skills that are needed in the local and international job markets. The courses offered in the program are contemporary courses exposing graduates to international dimensions of commercial law. The program, therefore, would prepare graduates to assume legal positions in private law firms, government agencies, and international institutions.