Translation & Authoring Center

Translation & Authoring Center (TAC)

The Translation and Authoring Center (TAC) is a highly professional specialized translation center that caters to the translation and language solutions of Prince Sultan University. It provides translation and editing services to local and regional entities.

Facts & Statistics

2017 - 2018 First semester words translated


2017 - 2018 Second semester words translated


2017 - 2018 Summer semester words translated


2017 - 2018 Total words translated


2018 - 2019 First semester words translated


2018 - 2019 Second semester words translated


2018 - 2019 Total words translated



The vision of TAC is to become one of the leading providers of translation and quality editing services in the region.


The mission of the Translation and Authoring Center (TAC) is to provide high quality and specialized language services to meet the needs of PSU, local community, and International partners. It also aims at promoting translation activities and book authoring amongst the faculty members and students.

Services Provided

  • English- Arabic-English Translation
  • Editing and proofreading of Arabic & English texts
  • Specialized translation training
  • Translation workshops and forums
  • Book authoring & book translation
  • Consultation