Preparatory Year Programs

PYP : Preparatory Year Programs

All newly admitted students are required to complete the preparatory year program before starting undergraduate study. Students may be exempted from part or the entire program according to the implementation rules of the promotion exam. The majority of newly admitted students join the preparatory year program, which aims at preparing students for undergraduate study; in particular it aims at achieving the following goals:

  1. To improve the proficiency of students in English language before they undertake undergraduate study;
  2. To develop and improve students’ knowledge of analytic skills and techniques through the medium of English;
  3. To develop students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills;
  4. To introduce students to new subject areas and techniques such as workshops and graphics, thus improving their mental skills;
  5. To familiarize students with the various majors available at the university;
  6. To improve students’ physical health and fitness through a physical education program;
  7. To familiarize students with the requirements of undergraduate study, including study skills and discipline in all its forms.

The PYP Duration

The duration of the preparatory year program is a minimum of one year, divided into two regular semesters and a summer session, if necessary (and if there is any available course). The preparatory year represents the first and second academic levels of all the undergraduate programs. In addition, some students might be required to complete one semester of intensive English language training before starting the PYP program depending on the student’s score in the admission test.
The grades earned by the student in the preparatory year courses are recorded in her transcript together with the semester GPA and cumulative GPA. However, these grades are not considered in the calculation of the cumulative GPA for the undergraduate program. A student may be exempted from the preparatory year program if she proves her proficiency in English and mathematics either by passing the promotion examinations or by submitting credentials. If a student passes only a part of the promotion examination (English, mathematics, or computer), she will be partially promoted to the next academic level, but is required to fulfill any remaining preparatory year requirements during the same academic year.

Final Evaluation of the PYP Students

Student performance will be evaluated at the end of the preparatory year to determine those who have fulfilled the university preparatory year requirements. The performance of a student in all courses taken shall be considered in addition to the results of all exams taken at the end of the program. Levels of evaluation are classified below.

Fully Passing the PYP

Any student may register for the first university academic level if she fulfills the following requirements:

  1. Successfully completing all the preparatory year courses with the grades indicated in 2 and 3 hereunder;
  2. Earning grade D or better in the first and second level courses of English in the preparatory year;
  3. Earning grade C or better in the first OR second level courses of mathematics in the preparatory year. (Those who would like to join computing or ID/Arch programs must earn grade C in MATH002).

Promotion of a student to the first university academic level, after completion of all preparatory year requirements, takes place at the beginning of the semester immediately following her completing these requirements. The student may select any of the majors offered by the university, provided that she satisfies the required criteria for that major.

Partially Passing the PYP

If a preparatory year student passes only one of the required courses (either English or mathematics), then the student will be eligible to study some of the first level general university courses, provided that the student simultaneously fulfills the remaining preparatory year requirements during a single semester; otherwise the student will be obliged to dedicate the time exclusively to the preparatory year.

Dismissal from the PYP

The University has the right to dismiss the student from the preparatory year program if the student either:

  1. Earns a DN grade twice consecutively in the same course.
  2. Fails one of the preparatory year courses within a maximum of three regular semesters.
  3. Could not complete the preparatory year program in four semesters or less.

Required Grades for Passing PYP Courses

  1. D grade & above in all PYP English Courses.
  2. C\D or D\C grade & above in the PYP Math Courses. (Those who would like to join computing or ID/Arch programs must earn grade C in MATH002).
  3. D\D grade & above in the remaining PYP Courses.
  4. Passing the skills exam for the Interior Design (ID) and Architecture (Arch.) programs.