Deanship of Educational Services

Deanship of Educational Services

The Deanship of Educational Services is the bedrock of foundational and general education at the university. It endeavors to nurture a well-rounded, skillful, and disciplined student that takes pride in being a PSU student and later alumnus. Our Deanship is the gate through which new students enter into the university, and a foundation from which they continue to develop and grow over the several years they spend in their respective colleges.
For more than 17 years, the Deanship of Educational Services has been serving the PSU community with its core programs and diverse services. It offers a wide range of programs and learning opportunities that combine a unique focus on developing both student knowledge and skills.
Since the Deanship assumes as one of its major roles preparing students to the demands of academic life, it emphasizes student learning, self-discipline and commitment. We take student learning seriously and expect students to take their learning seriously as well.
The range of our academic programs and courses is amazing. We offer courses in many areas such as English language, Arabic and Islamic studies, math, physics, statistics, psychology, and physical education and health. We aim to create a balance in student life and experience by nurturing the mind, the spirit and the body.
Our Deanship has many aspirations that build on its solid educational foundation, and its achievements in research and community service. We plan to improve the services that we offer to our students and faculty and the community at large. This ambitious goal can be achieved through team work, commitment, self-development, and responsibility.


The Deanship of Educational Services aims to become one of the foremost deanships in the Middle East, providing world-class education, scientific research, and a high-quality Preparatory Year Program.


The Deanship of Educational Services combines a high-quality pre-university-level program with first-class scientific instruction, thus preparing its students to achieve maximum potential in contributing to their country's development and the advancement of science.

About the Dean

Abdullah Al-Hussaini, Phd

Dr. Mamdouh Alenezi is currently the Dean of Educational Services and the Chief Information & Technology Officer (CITO) at Prince Sultan University. Dr. Alenezi received his MS and Ph.D. degrees from DePaul University and North Dakota State University in 2011 and 2014, respectively. He has extensive experience in data mining, machine learning, and software security where he applied several data mining techniques to solve several Software Engineering problems.

Mamdouh Khalaf Alenezi, Phd
- Dean of Educational Services & Chief Information & Technology Officer (CITO)