PSU Associations


The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)

PSU became a member of AASHE on 19 May 2016. PSU is committed to sustainability and its strategic plan including accountability, internationalization, and benchmarking with national and international universities and is closely connected with the theme of AASHE

Please see the current member institutions of AASHE:

International Association of Universities (IAU)

International Association of Universities (IAU): [United Nations]

IAU is the only global university association established in 1950. Based at UNESCO, IAU acts as an independent voice for higher education. IAU brings together 605 universities worldwide (from 120 countries). Thirteen percent of their members are from the Middle East. IAU maintains a unique database of higher education institutions (18,000) and systems worldwide such as The World Higher Education Database (WHED). IAU also advocates and promotes the interests of the higher education community to international governmental bodies such as UN, OECD, WB, EU, ASEAN etc.(

PSU became a member of IAU on 28 April 2016. IAU’s values are related to PSU’s strategic plan including Accountability, Internationalization, Respect for divergent opinion, Knowledge accessible to all, and Academic mobility

Please see the current member institutions of IAU:http://